Donate TIME

At Island ETC, there is ALWAYS something to do... sets to build, costumes to sew, office stuff to be, well... organized. We can always use your help with set construction & dressing, costumes, administration, box office, and general facility upkeep. There are always posters to be hung and phone calls to field. So give us a call or stop by to become part of the backstage machine that is vital to every production.

We also are in need of USHERS for performance dates. If you’re a people person and love to show people the way, then we’d love to have you! Email us at with any questions or to sign up.

Donate MONEY

Island ETC is a non-profit 501(c)3 organization. We have ongoing expenses aside from the visible costs to put on a show. It costs a lot to keep that auditorium air conditioned! Monetary donations are always appreciated. We’ll list you in the program as a funder for the following season, or you may give anonymously.


Donate STUFF

Ever wonder how we get some of those period costumes, props and furniture? They come out of neighbors’ garage sale piles and from wonderful patrons such as yourself that drop off those original, hard-to-find items. Although we don’t have much storage for that big 1979 couch with the western motif on it, we do appreciate the more stowable items.  Feel free to email us before tossing anything.  You never know!

And did you get a new drill for your birthday? We’d love to have the old one! Got some extra plywood from that garage, family room add-on? We’d love to have it and other unused building materials, tools or supplies.

We can’t do any of it without you! THANK YOU!


Want to have your name up in lights? We'll put your or your company's name on all marketing and related material for the production, as well as give you some sweet seats for choice performances. Call us about underwriting a show - be it our summer musical, the holiday production, our kids theatre camp, or your favorite Tennessee Williams play.