May 10 - May 25
Thursday, Friday, Saturday evenings @ 8pm, Sunday matinees May 12th & 19th

Sunday, March 17th & Monday, March 18th @ 7:00 p.m. 2317 Mechanic Street, Galveston, TX 77550

Those auditioning are requeste3d to bring an updated headshot and resume, if available. Auditions will consist of cold reading from the script. If cast in this production, you will receive a production stipend at strike.

REHEARSALS: Rehearsals at ETC Sunday through Thursday from 7-10 pm beginning April 7th


THE LONE STAR LOVE POTION is set on a 200,000 acre Texas ranch where Mr. Stancliffe the wealthy owner has recently died.  His butler, Jarvis, an alluring maid, the rancher’s niece (his only living relative) and her husband are gathered for the reading of the will.  Oddly, Miss Tammy Jo Harper, a neighbor, has also been invited.  Patrice (niece) inherits the estate, with one clause, Jarvis may live out his life on the ranch, and Patrice may not sell the ranch without Jarvis’s permission.  Acting on instructions from the rancher, Jarvis produces a formula from the safe.  A love potion!  Mr. Stancliffe has left instructions for the division of the shares. But this is not a typical love potion.  It does not affect the person who drinks it.  Instead it gives off an almost imperceptible odor that affects the vomeronasal organ of the opposite sex with devastating and hilarious results!  

Character Descriptions

 *PLEASE NOTE:  The character descriptions including age ranges are general descriptions.  Please do not let a character trait in the description keep you from auditioning

MELODY – Female, 20-30; the late Mr. Stancliffe’s maid; drops things; breaks things; pursued throughout the play by Michael; a natural comedienne, young, perky, sexy

JARVIS – Male, 50; the late Mr. Stancliffe’s butler, can be English or American, but should not be Texan, suave and serious but with a sparkling dry wit

PATRICE – Female, 30-50; the late Mr. Stancliffe’s niece and heiress to his estate; the love potion reveals a romantic and passionate side of herself; elegant, attractive, sophisticated

MICHAEL – Male, 30-50; Patrice’s husband and an inveterate lecher; his sights are set on Melody; brash, loud, self-centered; not very likable

MR. OAKFIELD – Male, 40+; a short, balding, overweight lawyer, who gives the impression of a quiet, mild-mannered man until he spends most of Act Two trying (unsuccessfully) to find a vacant bathroom

TAMMY-JO – Female, 25-40; the neighbor from across the creek; appears to be a fairly straight character for most of the play, but has her ‘moment in the sun’ later as a sensuous temptress; very Texan; beautiful

MARY-LOU – Female, 30-50; a serious, matronly ornithologist; changed by the love potion; plain then glamorous; conservative, then sexy; shy, then outrageous

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